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Arch max

Arch max Backpack Ungravity 3L

  • Arch max Backpack Ungravity 3L
  • Arch max Backpack Ungravity 3L

Arch Max Backpack Ungravity 3L

Descripción Arch max Backpack Ungravity 3L

Extralight Moisturizing Vest in just 100 grams.

Lightness in the pure state.

This is the new UNGRAVITY 100 3l that also offers a perfect fit to the back thanks to its innovative construction.

So far the backpacks were based on the back, but the UNGRAVITY 100 gr.

Is designed so that the back profile is rather thin by the area of the homoplatos and that the belt that carries in the bottom is adapted in such a way that without any hard part (plastics or derivatives, metals, etc.) more Which closures and the rear zipper, have a 100% adaptability to the body.

It is achieved, so, do not exert any pressure where there is not and the Trail Runner forget that he is carrying a backpack.


UPPER PART -High-back material, shoulders and breathable and ultra-light chest -Capacity to carry 3l.

-Safety whistle -Perfect fit to the anatomy (choose the right size) -Ergonomic front pockets, designed to hold bottles and drums gives up to 0.5 l.

Each at a suitable height so that the athlete can hydrate without removing the bottle from the pocket -Handle for easy opening of all pockets.

Nervesstudied to reduce the impacts that are at the same time compartments for gels, mobiles, bars, keys, etc.

-1 x Upper back pocket with safety lock (zip) -Rear compartment designed to carry the required safety material (thermal blanket, front, etc.) and be able to show without having to remove it from the backpack, simply by opening the back zipper.

BOTTOM -Belt shape superadaptable to each body -1 x Lower Back Pocket with ergonomic -2 x Side pockets 2 x Front pockets with easy access and capacity FRONT PART -3 x Closing heights for different clamping possibilities for adaptation 100% -Easy voltage variability -Highly intuitive adjustable safety locks REAR -Minimalist structure avoiding the shoulder blades for a more natural movement of the runner -1 x Large capacity pocket with zip fastened reinforced and quick -3 x Pockets | departments designed for mandatory safety material.

Prueba a comprar de la comodidad de tu casa en tu tienda de running y triatlón. Compra Arch max Backpack Ungravity 3L con la garantía del precio más bajo. No esperes más y descubre otros productos relacionados de la categoría Bolsas y riñoneras que puedan complementar tu compra.

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