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Joma R.Special Cross

Joma R.Special Cross

  • Joma R.Special Cross
  • Joma R.Special Cross
  • Joma R.Special Cross
  • Joma R.Special Cross

Joma R.Special Cross

Description Joma R.Special Cross

Neutral training model for people seeking a light, cushioned shoe.


- The upper is manufactured using nylon, lightweight, micro PU and lateral TPU giving it lightness. There is a buttress on the heel with a more ergonomic last providing greater comfort and to prevent distortion. The lightweight design of the sections allows the nylon to fit the foot like a glove.
- It is reinforced with TPU segments providing greater toughness. The montage between the sole and the upper simplifies the natural distribution of weight during foot strike. JOMA SPORTECH system avoiding seams and other rigid materials. It is designed to create a more comfortable structure, with greater flexibility and an improved fit to the foot. Its thickness is variable depending on the protection and toughness required in each area.
- The insole and sole have been manufactured using EVA pre-shaped technology enhancing the trainers cushioning by absorbing foot strike, thus it regains its shape more easily when walking.
- Midsole made of two pieces of Phylon extending across the sole from the rear forwards, the part closest to the upper in harder to stabilize the tread and lower down it is softer, enhancing cushioning and grip to the ground. Phylon + outsole, a very tough material, highly resistant to wear and tear in the landing zone.
- It is divided into perpendicular sections to adjust to the foot when it strikes the ground. Flexo technology provides, through its ergonomic flex lines, the best heel to toe transition at every step.


- A technology providing the sole with greater durability thanks to high resistance rubber slowing down the wear caused by abrasion, thus extending the life of the shoe.

- Injected rubber which means that there are no seams or other rigid materials in the upper part of the shoe.Providing lightness, comfort, increased flexibility and better adjustment to the foot.Its thickness is variable depending on the protection and resistance required by each area.

- A grooved flex system placed ergonomically on the sole to offer the best transition from heel to toe at every step.At the heel it only allows for the bending of the sole, providing better grip and more natural and flexible movement.

Full Dual Pulsor:
- Double phylon system using different densities to optimize cushioning. With greater density comes greater stability, while a lower density increases lightness. This technology gives the sportsperson flexibility and better cushioning upon foot strike.

- A ventilation system allowing for greater airflow within the shoe, keeping foot temperature constant.

C2S (Cell Cushion System):
- Insole and midsole manufactured in EVA with a perforated cell system allowing for improved cushioning and faster shape recovery.When moving this segment expands providing cushioning and favouring the sportspersons momentum.

Fix Counter:
- A buttress at the heel providing better protection and greater comfort thanks to the new lasts more ergonomic shape.The outside sections are manufactured using highly-resistant microfibre and the buttress inside is made of PVC and Foam.

Glove System:
- A mounting system between the midsole and the upper providing greater comfort and reducing weight resulting in a single piece.Both parts are sewn together flat and without prominent seams.

- Manufacturing system for sole and upper mounting providing natural weight distribution on foot strike.

- Material used for the midsole and the insole enhancing cushioning by absorbing foot strike.This component is characterised by recovering it shape with greater ease in the transitional movement phase.

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