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Pegasus 37

Pegasus 37

Päivämäärä 16/06/2020

Although it is true that the current "target" of Nike Pegasus is 99% the amateur runner, we must not forget that we are talking about the most used model in history by "bottom" runners. In fact, even today, Pegasus continues to be the shoe that holds the most world records in the marathon.


37 editions later, many things have changed but not the most important: The essence. Pegasus has always been a benchmark for comfortable and protected shoes for long shooting and will continue to be so in its new edition.

However, the classic compound of this model has changed radically. The predominant sole material becomes the now famous “React” foam, combining the composition with a “Zoom Air” capsule in the metatarsal area.

Aesthetically we also found several changes compared to Pegasus 36. A much more aggressive appearance with the pointed finish and the reduced "swoosh".

Half Sole

By changing materials including React foam, we find a softer and more reactive midsole compared to previous models. Without any insert, correction or plate of any kind, the foam is the only thing that separates the foot from the asphalt, making it easier to achieve a more natural footprint.

Half foot

The difference between the male and female models in this model is striking. Taking more pressure the capsule of "Zoom Air" in the male model (20 PSI) than in the female (15 PSI).


Another important change is found in the upper mesh being much thinner and breathable and tongue, being more V-shaped (reminiscent of the Next% upper). The “flywire” system is maintained to achieve a better fit with the foot.


Drop 10 is maintained and the materials do not vary much compared to the other models. Good resistance to abrasion to provide durability to the shoes.


Without a doubt we are talking about a classic of long distance runners, being an ideal shoe for medium or long distance running and a more than important resource to increase protection in heavy runners.

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